Dogs Found Tied to Fence at East Lake Marta Station

These two dogs were found today, tied to a fence at the East Lake Marta station on Park Place. They are now at Dekalb Animal Services, where I am sure they are petrified. Both were super sweet, well groomed – soft/nails trimmied, and understood basic commands such as “Don’t eat that,” and sit.

From what I understand, they had been there about 5 hours. No water was left for them. (They went through 4 bottles rather quickly.) Hundreds of people walked and drove past, not stopping. The story we (Craig from Petmeisters Pet Sitting was there as well) received from someone was that a kid (no idea of age) took the dogs in to the nearby barbershop, asking if anyone wanted them. When the man walked out of the barbershop, he found the pup tied up outside. We found the pup running loose, and the older dog (we call him Papa) was tied to the aforementioned fence. This is where we got our timeline. I can only speculate on how everything came to be as we found them.

As of right now, they need foster, rescue, or best yet – a forever home. They deserve it, and they will make great furkids!

I want to thank Jacki specifically. The Marta cop that called in it, called them as strays running free. Jacki got involved and found out what was really happening, and expedited things. Thank you Jacki!!

Please share this post in hopes that we can get these babies into a safe and loving home!!


IMG_20130410_191400 IMG_20130410_191422 IMG_20130410_193517 IMG_20130410_193634 IMG_20130410_193638 IMG_20130410_193642


9 thoughts on “Dogs Found Tied to Fence at East Lake Marta Station

  1. I can’t have them in my home (i live with two large older dogs who DISLIKE newbies) BUT i have 20 acres here, with a fenced in small area (covered too!) that I could keep them in for a while (and they would get walked… and fed of course)
    So, I can do this as a foster, I cannot keep them though. Claire

    • I’ve contacted a few people, sharing your note. I’m not sure this will work, being outside and all. 😦 Plus, as a foster, you’d have to keep them until they are adopted.

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