Dragon Con Day 2 (Saturday)

We all knew there would be a lot more people on Saturday, but I truly don’t think any of us were prepared for the reality of that! I know I wasn’t. I’m not too happy with my photographic haul from Saturday, but with that big of a crowd, there’s only so much you can do. It will give me an excuse to practice my editing skills later – taking elbows and such out of shots.

Thus far, the highlight of Dragon Con (other than getting to meet old and make new friends), was the Falling Skies panel. It was a great panel, very entertaining, and I learned things I didn’t previously know, such as many of the creative people from Battlestar Galactica, including the show runner, now work on Falling Skies. The best part of the panel happened after, when Peter Shinkoda hung out in the hallway with everyone. I love it when actors remain “real people.” I can think of at least one I personally know that became famous, and now doesn’t seem to have time for those who were there before notoriety. I hope Peter never loses that! Plus, he was wearing an Ohio State shirt, so we know he’s awesome just for that reason alone.


Don’t I just look awesome after a sweaty day at con? There is a reason why I am behind the camera rather than in front of it. One day, I will learn how to look like myself in a photograph…I hope. 🙂

Even though the con was over crowded, I managed to run into a few people I’d met previously. I’m told this is a rare occurrance, and that I must have some sort of magic beacon. Truth? I have discovered, quite by accident, that when I am standing still, everyone passes by eventually. Next year, I may possibly find a place to plant myself and my camera, and tell people to come by for a picture. I am getting a lot of practice at walking up to people and asking their permission for a shot, though. Only one person has turned me down – a Jason Momoa a la Game of Thrones look alike. He was polite enough, however I don’t think I will ever understand why anyone would dress for con, then refuse photographs.

Off to upload yesterdays shots, then start Day 4 at Dragon Con!


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