The last day of Dragon Con, meeting @EddieMcClintock, and what the future may hold.

I know I promised everyone a post on my last day (Monday) at Dragon Con, but life got in the way as usual. I will some it up by sharing my highlight – I was able to meet and have a short conversation with Eddie McClintock from Warehouse 13. While I really enjoy the show, the reason I wanted to meet him wasn’t the normal one. We grew up in the same place, two years apart. I miss my hometown, and don’t get back there as often as I’d like, so it’s always nice to chat with someone from there. Oddly (or maybe not), it’s also an inspiration when I hear of someone who’s become successful from a place I know so well. It amazes me just how many people fit in that category.

Here’s a shot I took during the Warehouse 13 panel on Monday –


Speaking of success, I have my own personal goals, and I feel as if I’ve been going about them the wrong way. Most of my readers know that I have been going to college. The last several months, I’ve felt that college is taking away from time to do what I love. The things I am learning are either not relevant to what I want to do, or are things I can easily learn on my own (and do so faster as well as at a far less cost than what I am paying now). There are a plethora of places on the internet where I can learn, weeding out things that I feel don’t contribute towards by future, but are required to obtain a degree. I’ve worked with many in the pizza delivery industry who have excellent degrees, but either can’t find a job or make more money doing that which doesn’t require a formal education. I’ve taken a month break from school to think about this, and decide what path my future will follow.

Some good news – I’ve received a promotion of sorts at work. I’ve been working part time at a tire store my friend purchased in July. I’ve titled myself Operations Manager, as I pretty much do everything except actually installing the tires. He also owns a hardwood flooring company, which we started together in 2004. The plan had always been for me to go full time one day. However, taking off Labor Day weekend for Dragon Con made him realize how much he needed me there all the time. As of October 7th, I will be full time at the store, both running the tire store and working for the flooring company out of my office there. This not only allows me a financial stability that I haven’t had in a long time, but gives me evenings, holidays, and Sundays off. I never thought I’d be excited about a “real” job. 🙂

So, the job schedule and school schedule doesn’t allow me freedom to have a me or fun time schedule. Hence the thoughts of just dropping school, and learning on my own. I welcome all thoughts on this, to help in my decision making process.


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