Pounds For Pups needs your help!

I’ve joined a tax deductible fundraiser to help Friends of Dekalb Animals called Pounds for Pups.

The premise: people sponsor me a dollar amount per pound I lose during the month of January. All monies earned will be paid directly to the organization not to me.

FODA works hard to save the animals in the Dekalb County animal shelter. You can read more about them here. This is the same organization that saved Xena.

How it works: If you sponsor me at $1 per pound lost, and I lose 20 pounds, then your donation would be $20. If you’d like to sponsor, simply reply to this blog post. If you want to stay anonymous, then email me at snowatlanta @ gmail.com.

I’ve set my goal a bit high, but that’s ok. It’s for a good cause, and it will keep me motivated. I joined the local Snap Fitness yesterday, and had my first workout. I’ll diary my activities here, and you can check this post periodically to see my goal progress chart.

If you can’t afford to sponsor, I completely understand. Just share this post. You’d be surprised how much the littlest thing can make the biggest difference!

My starting weight:

2013-12-31 13.03.36

I took this picture at Snap Fitness on December 31, 2013.


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