American slave labor in 2016: The Independent Contractor

Today, a company decided that 45 minutes of my time was only worth $2.50. That’s not employee time either. That is independent contractor, send me a 1099, let me file taxes as a business time. That means I have to pay self employment tax (SEP) on that $2.50, not to mention other expenses, such as my vehicle and its related costs to operate, as well as my cell phone and its service costs.

Side note: In 2014, SEP was 15.3% according to the IRS. That does not include all taxes, just medicare and social security. You can read more about that here.

Doing the math, and not counting for other taxes and expenses, that values my time at $2.12/45 minutes. I’ll let someone else figure the hourly rate. I’m good with words, not math. We have to go with our strong suits.

Most of you, in your daily duties at your jobs, are going to laugh in someone’s face when they tell you they will only pay you $2.12 for 45 minutes of your time. Since everyone loves the coffee comparisons where money is concerned, how many cups is that where you live? Hmm..Does McDonald’s have coffee on the dollar menu? (Honestly, I don’t know. I make my coffee at home, partly because I don’t like how other people make it, but mostly because up until last week, my entire income relied on jobs like I’m discussing today, and that was all I could afford.)

I did not have someone’s face at which to throw my laughter. Instead, I politely explained how my time was worth at least minimum wage, and considering I was a contractor performing a premium service, more. They decided I was wrong, and here we are now.

Everything happens for a reason, and the reason this happened? It has spurred me to write not only this article, but an in depth one, showing the public the reality of what it’s like to work in the on-demand app industry, not just on the job, but how it affects us off the job as well.

This article is forthcoming, but I would like more than just my experiences included. One person’s thoughts and point of view are great and all, but no one notices unless it comes from a mass of people. Then..maybe just then.. people will stand up and say, “Hey..wait a minute. We need to do something about this,” even if that something is just not using a service anymore.

If you would like to be heard, email me at I will NOT use your name, unless you give me specific written permission. I do, however, need verifiable proof of your experiences. Screenshots, emails, etc work best. Recordings are good too, as long as they were obtained legally. Why? Short answer: if I get sued for what I write, I want to win. Liable and slander are real things. Feel free to look them up. A company can sue me, but they most likely won’t if they know they will lose. With proof, they will.

Help me help you.


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