Tire Adventures

Yes! I’m still alive! I have been making plans to come back to the blog and start writing again. As always, plans stay in my head until that point where I am prodded by an event to move them into some sort of action.

So on to today’s event!

My Saturday started out great. Last day to sleep in for the year, and boy howdy, I managed to do just that. Relaxing around the house, thinking I could just spend the day binge watching something. Lord knows I am behind on everything. Then I think to myself, no..I have homework and I need to get it done now, before the deadline. Good plan. That’s what we will do.

Take the dog out.

Walk past my vehicle, and notice the passenger front tire is flat. Sigh… AAA membership has lapsed too. OK. I can fix this!

A: Renew AAA membership. Done. (PS, if you click that link, you’ll “earn $20.”)

B: Request AAA service. Check.

C: Neither the AAA driver nor I cannot find the special key that will allow us to remove the spare from its hidey hole. Sigh..

The driver is nice enough to fill up the tire with air, so that I can take it to the Firestone at the end of the street. I prefer my tire guy, but he is 5 miles away, and I don’t want to take that chance.

I get in the vehicle, and guess what? I find the key. Sigh..oh well. Continues with plan, and slowly drives to Firestone.

Below, is the review I left on Firestone’s Facebook page, chronicling my experience today.

Went here instead of my regular because A: convenience and B: Daddy used to golf with the Firestones, so I like the idea of going there.

Told the manager Arnold Sherrod that my passenger front tire had a nail. Right and left is subjective on whether you are in or outside of the vehicle. I always specify, as I was an operations manager for a tire shop as you can see from my profile.

Mr Sherrod came out and proceeded to tell me that I told him the wrong tire. I repeated that I told him passenger front. Unless vehicles have changed A LOT, there is only one passenger and front side to them. Should narrow it down pretty well. Then Mr Sherrod proceeds to tell me the tire cannot be fixed and I need a new one. When I explained to him that I was in the industry (see prior comment regarding this), and I know it can, he took me into the shop and to the bay where my vehicle was, and proceeded to show me the nail, two inches in from the sidewall (yes, I have pics to back this up) and reiterated that it could not be fixed, as it was Firestone policy to not fix a nail so close to the side wall. Um…2 inches is not too close. At all.

I told him to just nevermind, I will take it elsewhere. That because he refused to fix it, I would have to drive 5 miles to my guy, and they needed to make sure I would make it there, since they refused to fix it.

He told his tech to put extra air in it.

Now, if something like this happened at my store (which it wouldn’t, but you know…) I would have my tech at least put the spare on. We have had instances where we could not fix something and the customer couldn’t afford a tire, so we put the spare on for them at no charge. That’s how you build clientele that knows they can trust you. The last thing any one needs is to have someone leave their shop and be stuck on the side of the road or worse. Instead, they were told to put extra air, which could actually damage the tire and more, or could all leak out and leave me stranded, in an accident, etc..

I am pretty sure the originating Firestones would turn over in their grave if they had any kind of idea what to what depths whomever is running this company has now allowed their reputation to degrade. As a woman, I am used to going into a mechanic shop and being told I need things when I know damned well I don’t. It’s sad, and in this day and age you guys should know better. You never know who a customer is when they walk in that door, not that this should even matter. Don’t worry tho, I will never be walking in your door again, even if I have a blow out right in front of it.

Couple morals to this story:

  1. You never know who people are. It shouldn’t matter, humans should be treated with decency regardless of whom they are, but we all know this is the reality.
  2. In this day and age, mechanics are still using disgusting tactics to make money, and taking advantage of people whom they think do not know better.
  3. It doesn’t matter how long a company has been in business, what their name is, etc.. It matters how they treat people now. As a company, you will not exist forever based on the reputations sown by your forefathers.
  4. Always have some idea of what you are doing or needing done, or even better, have someone you can trust to go to when you need assistance. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and the people/companies you give it to should be worthy of it.

OK, so maybe not morals per-say, but definitely thoughts relative. Part of me is still fuming over this experience, and a wasted afternoon.

Oh! In case you were wondering, I did make it to my guy, he did fix the tire, and 5 minutes and $10 later, I was happily on the road again.


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